Sudoku Solver and Generator


Write a Sudoku Solver
Write a Sudoku Generator
Write a Sudoku Game
Improve Design and User Experience

This is an old project. I wrote some code to solve and create sudokus. I got the idea, because it was an assignment at my university. 

After I wrote it, I realized it could be used to write a sudoku game. You can see it on my github. Looking back, I would change a lot of things, but it is enough for what I want it to do.

I have written a sudoku app using the data I got from my library. The design is not that great, but it works. It makes me happy to have finished it. You can download the *.apk here or even better join testing and install it from the play store here.

I might get back to this to improve the app, but I feel like I am finally finished and free to work only on improvements.