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SEO Optimalization

My current main project is this website. I have tried to use WordPress in the past, but working on the website proved inefficient since I did not leverage the skills I have acquired at work.

I hope I can write a better application in the same amount of time from scratch and make it the way I like it.

I use Angular for the frontend. I use the XY grid from Foundations for Sites 6 and Angular Material for styling. I use quarkus as the backend. I have decided to use quarkus to lean more about it for work. Since the hosting I currently use does not support Java, I export all the data to JSON files and upload them to the server. 

SEO might prove to be challenging because of the nature of a Javascript frontend. It is inherently worse as a server-side generated website. However, I hope to solve this problem with Angular Universal or with dynamic websites being generated when compiling the page.

Wish me luck, and stay tuned for new content!

4 March 2023 - Improving SEO

After a long time of not doing anything with the website, I have finally decided to improve it and do some Search Engine Optimalisation. I narrowed what I needed to do into these points: 

Although I have been putting it off, it was much easier than I have anticipated. I have managed to do everything in just one weekend. All of the points are crucial for SEO. I will try to take some time and describe what I did in several articles. 

So far, I have not gotten any traffic from search engines. Google seems unable to crawl an Angular application. I hope this will change now that I have uploaded the prerendered html files.